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Skimm Style

Skimm Style


Wakesurfing the sport

Wakesurfing is a sport where you move on a wakesurfer on the wave of a boat with the speed of around 16 kilometers an hour. Over the last years wakesurfing has become really popular among the wake community. Wakesurfing is the perfect activity to do when the water is just a little too rough for wakeboarding or wakeskating.

When buying a wakesurfer a number of factors are important to keep in mind. Below there us an explantion of the important features of a wakesurfer.

Wakesurfing types

There are 3 types of wakesurfers

  • Surfstyle wakesurfer

  • Skimmer wakesurfer

  • Hybrid wakesurfer

Surfstyle wakesurfer:

This type of wakesurfer looks a lot like a traditional surfboard. These boards are often a little longer and therefore very stable this makes these boards ideal for learning.

Skimmer wakesurfer:

This Type of wakesurfer is smaller and has less flotation, this makes these boards very agile and very suitable for tricks.

Hybrid wakesurfer:

A combination of surfer and skimmer. Has the benefits and the cons of both.

Wakesurfer size

All wakesurfers are measured in feet and inches. To this point there is no specific size chart available for all wakesurfers, mainly because there is a very wide range of sizes. The suitable size depends on the type of wakesurfer and what your planning to do with it.


The rocker line, also known as the shape of the wakesurfer, largely determines the sailing charachteristics of the wakesurfer.

Less Rocker:

This makes your board faster on the wake and give you a smoother feel.

More Rocker:

This causes your wakesurf board to be slower and tend to plow through the water but react more dramatically with the wave.


Just like a surfboard in the ocean, a thinner rail on a wakesurfer bites into the boat wave and is faster, quicker and less forgiving. Thicker rails are slower and more forgiving.

Rope & Handles

Wake surfing rope & handle combinations are shorter and thicker than standard wakeboard ropes. You will use the rope to get up and into the wake. The width allows you to use the rope to pull yourself forward into the wave. Once you are in the wave you can throw the rope back to the boat. Wakeboard ropes are too skinny to hang on to directly and they have the potential to tangle around your arms, legs or neck causing injury.